Hyundai back in the game, will air ads during Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the single biggest advertising day of the year. Somewhere in the mix of all the great ads, a football game gets played, but the next day all we can talk about are the commercials. Back in October, Hyundai went all in purchasing two :30 spots during the big game. Earlier this week, however, the Korean automaker said it was backing out of the Super Bowl because of a weakening U.S. economy coupled with the exorbitant price of the spots. If you're disappointed that the Italic H isn't going to be represented at the game, don't be, because Hyundai has changed its tune. After only a few days on the sidelines, Hyundai is getting back in the game and the ads will go on as scheduled. It's not known whether Hyundai is merely trying to get free pub in advance of the expensive spots, but we do know that since Hyundai has caused all the stir, the ads had better be good.
[Source: Auto News, subs. req'd]

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