BMW has also a double-clutch transmission

Although installed in a car which merits no mention here (the last iteration of the M3, with a V8 engine by the way), BMW has used a new double-clutch transmission with seven forward gears. As with other double-clutch transmissions, one of the clutches drives the odd gears (Rear, 1, 3, 5, 7), while the second manages even ones ( 2, 4, 6). Both clutches, in pure racing fashion, are oil-cooled with a specific dedicated oil radiator.

Then the gearbox gets some additional software and hardware called Drivelogic, which allows the driver to use up to eleven driving program choices, including a manual mode.

With all this, BMW claims that not only the car performance gets noticeably improved, but also fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions.

[Source: BMW]

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