Yokohama plants 30,000 trees near Hiratsuka Factory

In 2008, if your factories aren't the cleanest in the world, you can always compensate with some kind of carbon-balancing intervention to fix things. Such is the case of tiremaker Yokohama Rubber Company (YRC), which just announced that it's going to plant half a million trees, which equal 25 acres of forest. YRC will plant these trees at seven facilities in Japan and 11 overseas. For Yokohama USA headquarters in Salem, VA, the estimated planted surface will be one acre.

This tree-planting initiative is part of Yokohama's "Forever Forest," a long-term project being carried out as part of YRC's environmental preservation activities. The company states that planting trees has a lot of benefits, from absorbing carbon from the atmosphere to provide shelter in case of an earthquake [sic].

[Source: Yokohama]

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