Stunt driver spins Renault Twingo into world record books

You know that stunt in the movies where a car drives through some impossibly narrow alley? Or how about the one where a car is drifted into a parallel parking spot at high speed? Those are tough stunts for sure, but how about spinning a car lengthwise through two barriers that are just 18 centimeters longer than the car you're driving? That's what the obviously-very-good stunt driver Terry Grant did this past weekend at the Live Action Arena of the Autosport International Show in the UK.

Grant was performing various stunts all weekend long, but this one in particular landed him his 16th Guiness World Record. The way it was done had Grant reversing the car and swinging the front end around while passing through two barriers. It was attempted numerous times and each time the barriers were moved closer, which meant he continually kept breaking his own record. The final record-setting attempt had the barriers set just 378 centimeters apart. The diagonal length of the Twingo is only 370 centimeters, which meant he had 4 centimers on either end of the car to get it through unscathed. It's an impressive stunt, to say the least, and we'll probably see recreated in a Bourne movie one day. Thanks for the tip, Kevin!


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