Dream Job: Bentley launches online employment portal

Rather than spend your day looking up "gonnectigizoink" at Wikipedia, a better use of the internet might be to find a job. The problem is that it's just so hard to find anything that matches our niche skillset. Bentley is looking for more global candidates to fill their open positions, and has launched a website in hopes of snagging applicants. Currently, there's only opportunities if you want to locate yourself in Crewe, but there's 40-plus openings for everything from Logistics and IS to student programs. Bentley's hoping that opening up positions to the world at large, rather than relying solely on the old guard of newspaper adverts and recruitment firms will bring in more potential candidates. We'll be watching it like a hawk for the high performance test driver position to open up. In the meantime, we'll be compiling a fanciful delusion of a curriculum vitae.

[Source: Inside Line]

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