Brussels 2007: MINI makes The Other Ranch for Clubman debut

click above for more pics of the The Other Ranch by MINI

Last year at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, MINI debuted the production version of its larger Clubman model and, as MINI's marketing agency is wont to do, created a spectacle with this installation called The Other Ranch. We've learned that it's gone on the road and been installed in Brussels for this year's European Motor Show. It's inspired by the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX where a man half-buried 10 old Cadillacs in the ground at the precise angle of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Other Ranch by MINI is comprised of four Clubmans and is so named because we're supposed to consider the new Clubman the "Other MINI". We didn't see The Other Ranch in Frankfurt while covering the show there, but this spectacle was too interesting not to share. Check out the pics in our gallery below and have fun coming up with captions for four Clubmans buried up to their windshields in dirt.

[Source: BMW]


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