The EU is going to rethink its biofuel policy

After admitting that no one thought about the environmental or the economic implications of turning specific cropsinto biofuels, the EU has decided to think again about the use of those fuels. The EU's target for biofuels was 10 percent by 2010 but this target is now going to be reviewed.

Stavros Dimas (pictured on the right), the EU's Commissioner for Environmental affairs said that the EU didn't forecast the actual implications that this 10 percent goal could have on the environment. Some recent studies show that intensive production of some biofuel sources, such as cereals, actually increases food prices and forest surface destruction, a surface which is then intended for agriculture. Dimas said that the EU will review this percentage until everybody is sure than the remedy is not worse than the problem.

When the EU announced the 10 percent goal, biofuels were thought to be one of the best solutions: no special new technology had to be created and the plants had captured previously the CO2 that was released after combustion. Dimas was remarkably hard against palm oil for biodiesel and has asked for drastic measures against importing it into the EU.


[Source: El País]

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