Dodge 2008: Up close and personal at the Dodge Rampede

click image for a gallery of the Rampede staging area

Before this Sunday's "Rampede" at the Detroit Auto Show kicked off, we moseyed over to the staging area and hung out with our friends from the animal kingdom. You've got to love the sight of a longhorn steer... with a monorail in the background. A large crowd lined the fences as the big critters milled around and drew smiles. Of course, an accidental poke from one of those horns would wipe away that smile pretty quickly, so alertness was still called for. It's not that the cattle were aggressive. They were calmer than some domesticated dogs we know. It's just that their heads were well clear of the fencing that lined their route, and as you can see, they're called longhorns for a reason. Fortunately, as you all know by know the show went off without a hitch, and neither Rams nor cattle were harmed in the making of the video we've pasted after the jump.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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