L'EcoComparateur: SNCF's CO2 calculator for your travel

SNCF, the public French railways company, has - no surprise - a website dedicated to travel. The interesting feature on this website is that it calculates how much CO 2 your trip produces depending on the transport method you choose, giving you the choice between plane (including low-cost companies), train and private car.

For instance, a trip from Paris to Nice shows that the trip by train costs 177.40 EUR, takes 6 hours 45 minutes and a carbon index of 10. The same trip by air shows a cost of 209.98 EUR, it takes 1 hour 35 minutes and has an index of 206. Finally, making the same trip with a car costs 322.21 EUR, it takes almost 9 hours and has a carbon index of 373.

The carbon index indicator is calculated by the average passenger CO 2 production figures per km, multipled by 2 and then by the distance (you can read the rules here).

[Source: SCNF]

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