TGB scooters deliver efficiency... and lots more

We all hate high gas prices, and if you are reading this site, you probably also hate spewing excess amounts of emissions into the air. However, for the most part our habits have changed little. Take a look at this:

Yet according to the Department for Transport's most recent National Travel Survey, our love affair with the traditional four or five seat four-wheeler shows no sign of waning: though nearly four-fifths of all trips of less than one mile are carried out on foot, the car still remains the most common mode of transport for all trips over a mile. More worryingly, nearly a quarter of all these trips are of less than two miles in length.

This paragraph applies to Britain, but the same could likely be said of most any country. It is nice to know, though, that many motorists are choosing scooters as an option to replace some of those short-distance trips, and it's easy to see why a scooter with some storage space might make that an even easier transition. Enter TGP of Taiwan. Their scooters offer a trunk, originally designed for delivery services. With the extra storage, quick trips to the grocery store or to the office can be completed completely car-free.

[Source: TGB]

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