eBay find of the day: Sky Commuter Prototype

Looking for something really exotic? Do your vehicular leanings include more than just cars? If so, have we got the auction for you. What you see here is the very last Sky Commuter Prototype in existence. While we would imagine that this vehicle will end up somewhere in a museum or in the clutches of a rich collector, the auction lister believes that it would be "for the most part functional after learning the power source," for whatever that's worth. Speaking of worth, at the time that this was written, the highest bid was $45,300.00, but we'd expect that to change soon enough. The Sky Commuter is registered with the FAA with a valid number, so it appears that the information in the listing is legit.

Our research is leading us to believe that each and every time one of these machines was lifted off the ground, it crashed. We don't say this very often, but our advice would be to leave this one a true, dedicated trailer-queen.

[Source: eBay]

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