Congressional commission to recommend 40-cent increase in gas taxes over 5 years

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The video above shows the tragic Minnesota bridge collapse. There were many calls for an increase in gas taxes then and people like Representative Dingell have also called for an increase. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports a Congressional commission will call for a $.40 increase in gas taxes over five years. The report will be made public next week following a two-year study period by the commission. The commission is called The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission and is made up of a 12-member board made of people from the public and private sector and is chaired by Transportation Secretary Mary Peters.

The report will have an emphasis on the "environment and safety" and even talk about the role the private sector can play. The Journal notes that gas taxes have not increased since 1993 while traffic and cost of road construction has increased dramatically. The report will conclude that if we do not increase gas taxes to support road infrastructure and mass transit, congestion will soar and economic growth will suffer.

These are all very good, logical arguments but PEOPLE HATE TAXES. Even some on the commission admit a 40 cent increase has about the same odds as a snowball does of surviving in heck.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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