Scion announces xB Release Series 5.0 for February

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Scion does this all the time – unveils a special Release Series version of a model and affixes an X.0 appendage to the name like it's a firmware update. Very hip, edgy stuff. The newest one and first special edition Scion model for 2008 is the xB R.S. 5.0. This edition's main selling point is its Gold Rush Mica paint job since it's the same color that appeared on the xB show car unveiled at last year's Chicago Auto Show. It also features a body kit by KenStyle that's tasteful enough, but the tuner vibe is totally killed by the set of exclusive Release Series wheel covers that the vehicle is wearing. This thing needs solid alloys if it wants to be taken seriously. The R.S. 5.0 is the first of the new xB models with a moonroof, however. Not much has changed with the interior except for a splash of the same Gold Rush Mica on some trim pieces and the seats.

One thing that the Scion xB R.S. 5.0 will be is exclusive, since only 2,500 will be made and priced from $15,650 for the manual and $16,600 for the automatic. The only option appears to be a rear spoiler dipped in, what else? Gold Rush Mica paint. That adds another $320 to the bottom line. The xB R.S. 5.0 will go on sale in February at your nearest Scion dealer. No need to rush, we doubt there'll be a line unless a TRD supercharger suddenly becomes an option.

[Source: Scion]

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