Indian man develops the Kanso, his new solar-gas hybrid car

In the Indian city of Guwahati, a man has developed a new hybrid car he's calling the Kanso. The 100-cc, two-seat Kanso runs on energy from four solar panels and petrol. The Assam Tribune has a nice article on Kanak Gogoi and his Kanso, but they're not the only ones showing an interest in the vehicle. They write that Centre Bits and Atom, a US-based group, has given Gogoi some financial assistance to set up "a new digital lab for developing his new innovations." What kind of innovations? Well, this guy has already come up with a "power hang glider, four-stroke engine boat, water cycle and amphibious boat," according to the Taipei Times. His TRYGOY can be seen in the background in the picture above.

The Kanso doesn't have gears, and the solar panels can generate 320 watts of power. Gogoi says the small car will have a top speed of 40 kph and could sell for Rs 1.50 lakh (around $3,750US). Want to check out the car? Visit the Guwahati Auto Fair when it starts on February 28.

[Source: Surajit Khaund / Assam Tribune via EV World]

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