Spy Shots, Tokyo Motor Show edition: Amuse and Top Secret taking on the GT-R

The impending Nissan GT-R extravaganza in Japan is about to get underway. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Auto Salon runs right up against our coverage of the North American International Auto Show, so we're stuck covering the event from our couch and hotel rooms. When will they learn?

Regardless, through the power of the Web, we're able to get a sneak peak as to what some of the top tuners in Japan will be doing with the Nissan GT-R in the coming months. Amuse brought out its own GT-R to a Time Attack event at Tsukuba sporting a new rear wing, carbon-fiber front splitter, revised exhaust and a new pair of seats. We're sure there's more, but we don't have the details yet (check out Auto Otaku for pics). The car was tested by Mr. Tanabe around Tsukuba and even the old man himself clocked a lap time of 1:01.332. Color us impressed.

Top Secret, the high-powered dominators of the Tokyo tuning scene, will have another GT-R (see right) gracing its show stand, this one fitted with new wheels, a revised front splitter and God knows what else.

We're getting excited at the prospects and will be sure to keep our eye out for anything and everything of interest while battling the throngs in Detroit.

[Sources: zerotohundred.com, Auto Otaku via Kultivate]

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