Smart Fourtwo: Car of the Year?

Don't get us wrong, we like the Smart Fourtwo just as much as anybody, but when considering what car deserves the title "Car of the Year" the little two-seater isn't the first vehicle that comes to mind. Not that the car is undeserving of some honor: the fuel mileage is laudable, the safety features are all present and accounted for and the emissions are suitably low. The problem is that there are other vehicles which perform equally as well in most of the categories mentioned for a similar price point. What would really merit an award such as "Car of the Year" would be an electric version of the Smart for the same price as the gas powered model. Now we're taking!

So, now that the pros and cons of the Fourtwo have been discussed, what do you readers think? Is the Smart an award-winning vehicle?

[Source: Detroit News]

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