Need some good news about ethanol? EPIC's got you covered

As I wrote yesterday, even people in Kansas have a hard time supporting corn ethanol. Still, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) has never let problems with the biofuel's negative impact get in the way of talking it up at every chance. Now, that good news is going to go into overdrive with EPIC's Good News Network. According to Domestic Fuel, the GNN is a "new e-newsletter to spread the good press that ethanol is getting." I can't tell exactly how often the emails will go out, as Domestic Fuel says it's both biweekly (which means every two weeks) and "published Monday and Friday afternoons" (which implies twice a week, or semiweekly). Still, I'm pretty sure we can guess what the newsletter will contain when it does come, can't we?
[Source: EPIC via Domestic Fuel]

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