Ford Fiesta gets Mountuned in the UK

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While most enthusiasts look to the Focus RS as the definitive forbidden fruit from Ford, the Fiesta stands as another product in the compact arena that will do wonders for Ford in the U.S. when it arrives here, possibly as the Verve, in the near future. Ford is upping the ante abroad, however, with help from Roush, owners of the Mountune Racing brand over there, by offering staged performance packages for the Fiesta ST that boost output while carrying a warranty of up to three years or 36,000 miles.

The Stage 1 setup is comprised of a whole new breathing and expelling system that includes an air intake, tubular exhaust manifold, high-flow cat and cat-back exhaust, and retails for £1,435 (not including installation). All those mods bring output up to 165 PS (163 hp), but if you choose to go for the Stage 2 system, you'll get new camshafts, valve springs and over 180 hp, all for £1,838.

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* Performance upgrades available on new and used Fiesta ST models
* 2.0-litre Duratec ST engine can now be tuned to 165PS or 185PS
* New association with motorsport specialist Mountune
* Prices from £1,435 plus fitting at specialist Ford dealers

Ford is offering Fiesta ST customers in the UK a unique opportunity to buy performance upgrades for their cars through a choice of two special dealer-fit options.
The Mountune Performance Stage 1 package will retail at £1,435 (plus fitting) and consists of a high-flow air induction system, a high performance exhaust system including high flow catalyst and tubular manifold, and re-calibration of Ford's potent 2.0-litre Duratec ST engine to produce 165PS.

The more powerful Mountune Performance Stage 2 package will cost £1,838 (plus fitting) and adds new camshafts and valve springs to the basic package to deliver 185PS.

Developed by Ford Team RS in a new association with Roush Technologies Ltd, which owns the Mountune Racing motorsport brand, these packages will only be available at specialist Ford dealers. The upgrades have a minimum of 12 months/12,000 miles dealer warranty up to a maximum of three years/36,000miles.

The upgrade kits do not affect the vehicle warranty and will be available from the selected Ford Dealers from March 1st 2008.

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