Delorean's daughter speaks: Doesn't like DMC revival

Kathryn DeLorean appeared on the DMC talk forum as Dmckid recently and asked, "Do you have a question about JZD?" That would be John Zachary DeLorean. Members, would you believe, did have lots of questions about DeLorean, the man and the machine whose fortunes and iconic status are inseparable. Kathryn has taken the time -- in between midterms, it appears -- to address them as she can.

She says some things you might expect: it wasn't easy to grow up in a famous household that had to regularly deal with legal hassles, and the other kids weren't always kind. She even says that there aren't many memories of things that happened before she was nine years old, perhaps because she blocked them out. But she also reveals some unexpected things: DeLorean wanted to be a professional musician -- he played the clarinet -- but gave it up and went to night school for engineering. And it turns out she is not happy at all about the return of custom-built DeLoreans by the new DMC, though she doesn't say why.

Her father's favorite accomplishment is not the DMC. It's the Pontiac GTO. But the biggest accomplishment of all, for her is the man himself, who she says was "my best friend, my best teacher, my hero and remains the inspiration in all I do." Head on over to DMC Talk to find out more about the real DeLorean.

[Source: Winding Road, Photo: Josh Haldeman]

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