Did Toyota hybrid sales peak in 2007?

2007 was a good year for hybrid sales. Total US sales in hybrids for 2007 were 40 percent higher than hybrid sales in 2006. Market-research firm J.D. Power & Associates thinks the total sales increase from 2007 to 2008 will be 7.4 percent. What about individual cars and companies making hybrids? Sales of the Prius were up 69 percent in 2007 but that sort of growth will not be coming to Toyota in 2008. Toyota's VP of Communications, Irv MIller, expects hybrid sales to drop one percent in 2008 (he thinks 275,000 hybrids will sell in 2008 vs 277,750 in 2007). JD Power says other players like GM will take more share in 2008 and will be a larger part of the growth in hybrids. GM makes very big hybrids and 2008 may be the year the idea of the hybrid SUV solidifies in the public mind. Perish the thought!

[Source: Canada.com]

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