Toyota Prius and Camry sales up, LS600h surpsingly strong, all other hybrids down

Toyota has just released their hybrid vehicle sales results for the year through October and the results are mixed. The Prius continue on a strong growth path with global sales up twenty-six percent although Japanese sales were stagnant. The Camry Hybrid is up forty-seven percent and the new Lexus LS600h is off to a strong start. Lexus dealers have already moved 6,093 examples of the $104,000 hybrid luxury sedan. The other two Lexus hybrids, the RX400h and the GS450h, are both down significantly, as is the Highlander hybrid. Highlander sales are probably due to lack of availability as production of the new 2008 model only recently started. Overall Toyota hybrid sales are up fourteen percent through October. Stay tuned here at AutoblogGreen in the next few weeks when we'll have a full review of the new 2008 Highlander hybrid in the ABG Garage.

[Source: Toyota]

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