Hawkeye Energy Holdings sets up direct ethanol marketing program

The ethanol-production holding company Hawkeye Energy Holdings announced last week that it developed a "Direct Ethanol Marketing Program." Before I can tell you what that means, I needed to learn what is means for myself. "Direct Ethanol Marketing"? Huh?
Unfortunately, the press release written by someone representing Hawkeye, is poorly written and doesn't explain very well the relationship between Hawkeye and Eco Energy. What I can make out is that a subsidy of Hawkeye Energy, Hawkeye Gold, has begun to market Hawkeye's ethanol and will somehow also work with Eco Energy to promote the biofuel in Iowa (where Hawkeye is based) and other areas. The full release is pasted after the jump, but if the same people who write the releases work on the overall campaign, Hawkeye might have an uphill climb trying to sell its ethanol.

[Source: Hawkeye Energy Holdings]

Hawkeye Energy Holdings Establishes Direct Ethanol Marketing Program

Expertise developed at Hawkeye Gold subsidiary poised to drive Hawkeye's future commercial success in evolving ethanol market

AMES, Iowa, Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Hawkeye Energy Holdings will begin direct commercial representation to the energy markets effective immediately through an ethanol marketing program established at its Hawkeye Gold subsidiary. Chief Commercial Officer Marty Lyons, who came to Hawkeye with over 28 years of experience at Archer Daniels Midland, will lead Hawkeye's energy marketing program. The successful exclusive marketing relationship between Hawkeye and Eco Energy is evolving due to this new internal expertise and Hawkeye's production expansion scheduled later in the year. Both companies see opportunities to continue successful sales results through this new relationship.

Hawkeye Gold will market ethanol for Hawkeye Renewables plants currently operating at Iowa Falls and Fairbank and for Hawkeye Growth's plants under construction at Shell Rock and Menlo.

Hawkeye Energy Chief Executive Officer Bruce Rastetter said: "The entire Eco Energy team has played a critical role by representing our ethanol professionally to the market from the very beginning of our business. We appreciate Eco Energy's cooperation and assistance over the years. Eco Energy will remain an important customer in our sales mix going forward. As we build Hawkeye into one of the largest and most efficient ethanol platforms in the U.S., directly building customer confidence and trust is a key component of our core strategy to have a best-in-class marketing program."

Larry Beckwith, Eco Energy Holdings, CEO added: "We have had a great working relationship with Hawkeye over the years. We look forward to continuing that relationship to help grow the renewable fuels industry. Hawkeye and Eco will add value through innovative leadership and efficiency improvements as ethanol penetrates into new blend markets. Our companies are committed to teamwork with all ethanol blenders across the country."

Hawkeye Energy Holdings and its affiliates have 450 million gallons of ethanol production capacity located in Iowa. Hawkeye Renewables' Iowa Falls and Fairbank facilities currently operate over 220 million gallons of ethanol production and Hawkeye Growth's Menlo and Shell Rock plants, which will become operational in the second half of 2008, will add another 230 million gallons of production. Hawkeye is headquartered in Ames, Iowa.

Eco-Energy Holdings is a privately-held firm founded in 1992 to ensure efficient availability of affordable, renewable and environmentally friendly energy. Located in Franklin, TN, Eco-Energy continues to specialize in marketing, logistics, storage, shipping, tracking and delivery of large volumes of renewable fuel for customers across the globe. Eco-Energy Holdings and its subsidiaries market approximately 1 billion gallons of renewable fuel across North America, through facilities that are either in operation or under construction. Eco-Energy continues to pursue the growing renewable fuel demand globally through new offices in Europe and Asia.

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