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We haven't actually found a proper use yet for Google Street View, the Google Maps' function that lets you drag an avatar around a Google Map and get an on-the-street 360-degree view of the location. So far we've used it to spot a really fugly Buick, and that's about it. Not many of us live in locales that have already been mapped by a battalion of Google Street View cars, though.

It turns out our friends over at Jalopnik haven't found a good use for the technology yet, either. Like us, they're more interested in the weird auto-related stuff that Google Street View cars happen to capture while cruising by. In this instance, a poor woman's bad day in which she slammed her Mercedes-Benz into a tree has forever been immortalized by the indomitable search engine. Fortunately, the tow truck driver can use Google Maps to find her car. Unfortunately, her insurance agent can use the Street View pics as evidence of her inability to drive.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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