GM wants to reach out and touch you, launches GMNext

In September 2008, GM celebrates its 100th birthday, but the Detroit automaker is going to use the entire year to build up its centennial. The General has kicked off the celebration with its GMNext website, which is an interactive tribute to Jimmy Durant's little auto company. The site doesn't look at the past, however, as it focuses its web PR power to tout GM's drive for tomorrow's tech. As of right now, the site has 42 videos covering design, green initiatives, future tech, and more. It also has links to podcasts, upcoming events, and of course the musings of one Maximum Bob. Visitors to the site can comment on articles, submit videos, share ideas, and participate in online chats with company execs. The site is kind of like the GM FastLane Blog on steroids, and as usual the folks at home keep it interesting with their comments.

[Source: GM]

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