Winding Road compares the available three-wheelers

Rex Roy from Winding Road says that the Can-Am Spyder looks like the end-result of a snowmobile crashing into a Caterham 7. Interesting analogy, we think, considering the single-track rear and the double-track fender-less front. BRP, makers of the Spyder, hope to bring the benefits of motorcycles to the masses by making the machine easier to master. Additionally, we think that the physical size and presence might help when it comes to making yourself seen on the roadways. The performance, while low by superbike standards, will be more than enough for the majority of riders with acceleration from a stop to sixty in under five seconds.

It is true, as the source article states, that the machine probably doesn't do anything better than either a car or motorcycle would do, but it does do its own thing... which will likely include returning very good fuel mileage.

As a bonus, Winding Road also takes a look at the Piaggio MP3 and the Campagna T-Rex.

[Source: Winding Road]

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