Own the first Mustang ever sold for only $42,064.26/month

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, classic muscle cars are going for astounding prices at auction. While a simple authentic restoration can fetch a pretty penny, the most desirable models usually hold some unique title as well. One such vehicle is this 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible found listed on ClassicMuscleCars.com. The listing claims the pony is the first Mustang Convertible to roll off the production line intended for public consumption. Apparently it is also the first Mustang ever sold as it was pre-ordered and delivered the day before the car was officially unveiled at dealerships. Documentation is included that verifies the vehicle's status. As expected the price of this coveted 'Stang doesn't come cheap, but there are financial options. It can be added to your collection for $42,064.26, but that is only a monthly payment with $1,000,000 down. Got deeper pockets? You can drive it home (or flatbed it, more likely) by handing over a lump sum of $5,500,000. Get a better view of the five million dollar 'Stang in the gallery below.

[Source: Classic Muscle Cars]

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