Clarkson tries out the BMW 135i and likes it!

When Jeremy Clarkson isn't expounding on how wonderful the Jaguar XKR is or how horrible the G-Wiz is on Top Gear, he does much the same thing in the pages of the Times of London. In his most recent entry on those hallowed pages he takes on BMW's new 135i coupe. On the recent Top Gear Awards show Clarkson called Munich's other new small car the Mini Clubman a toilet and less desirable than a bag of dung. Maybe it's just hatchbacks from BMW that he doesn't like because he also hated the original 1-series hatch. Fortunately for the Bavarian engine gurus, the new 135i coupe does not suffer the same fate. The new shape and the twin turbo 3.0-liter inline six have transformed the 1-series in Clarkson's eyes. Aside from the absence of rear leg room, he calls this the best car BMW makes. We can hardly wait to try it out. Now about that price tag!

[Source: Times of London]

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