Citroen set to unveil C-something Wednesday morning

Citroen has put up a timer on their website foretelling the imminent launch of a new model, but guesses are all over the place as to what that new model could be.

The French automaker's range has expanded in recent years to include everything from small hatchbacks to SUVs, with just about everything in between. Progressing up the range, among the possibilities considered are a "Streetlounge" version of the C3 supermini, a pseudo-Allroad/Outback version of the C4 hatch, a C5-based convertible previewed by the C-Airscape concept, and a new C8 minivan. While sometimes automakers give us a little teaser in the form of a veiled silhouette, all PSA is giving us here is a box with wheels. Our money is on some sort of automobile, possibly starting with the letter C.

We'll have to wait until the counter runs down to zero at 9 am on Wednesday (Paris time – 3 am in New York) to see what the Chevron marque has in store for our overseas compatriots.

[Source: Citroen via World Car Fans and Le Blog Auto]

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