Spain adding flex-fuel capability to official fleet

The Parque Móvil del Estado is Spain's official fleet of cars. The fleet has a distinctive license plate (PME) and includes all sort of vehicles from all ministries. Their most recent additions, replacing 80 old gasoline vehicles, are flex-fuel units able to run burn E85. The Schwarzenegger-like problem is that Spain hasn't got many E85 fuelling stations (up to date, only three in the Basque Country), so the Ministry of Public Administrations has installed an E85 pump in Madrid in the gas station which serves these vehicles. The PME already has 272 diesel vehicles running on B10 blends, and these are expected to run on B30 in a few weeks time.
The biofuel plan falls under PME's plans to obtain a few ISO standards certifications: ISO 9001:2000, OSHAS 18001:1999 and the environmental ISO 14001:2004 which falls under Spain's Plans on "Urgent Measures towards Climate Change and Clean Energy" (EECCEL). Pictured above is Spain's first E85 station opening in Vitoria.

[Source: Agroinformación]

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