Cheeseheads to the rescue, Wisconsin could be next alt fuel source

Aside from beer brewed in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin is perhaps best known for its dairy products. They don't call the residents cheeseheads for nothing. One of the byproducts of cheese production is a liquid called whey which you may recall from the tale of Little Miss Muffet. Chances are if you're not from Wisconsin or haven't visited you've never actually encountered whey. Whey is rich in lactose sugars and, as we know from corn, sugar molecules are the root of biofuels like ethanol.
Dr. John Fieschko, executive director of the Central New York Biotechnology Research Center in Syracuse is working on a method to produce fuel from whey. Dr. Fieschko has received a $400,000 grant to research the idea using whey from a Kraft foods cream cheese plant nearby. If this feedstock works out it could provide another viable regional source of fuel.

[Source: TheDailyGreen, thanks to Jennifer for the tip!]

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