New Tesla CEO Ze'ev Drori finally speaks

The new CEO and President of Tesla Motors Ze'ev Drori has been pretty quiet since he came on board recently, at least publicly. He did participate with Elon Musk in the recent conference call with customers and he has undoubtedly made his presence felt inside the walls at San Carlos. Now, anyone can hear what Drori has to say: he's just posted his first entry on the Tesla blog picking up where Elon Musk left off last week. Drori gives some further details on the situation with the Roadster's transmission. The one speed unit that will be used for early production cars will mainly impact the acceleration with 0-60 times going from 4 seconds to a still-spritely 5.7 seconds. There's also some discussion about the range of the Roadster. After the recent revelation that an error was made in the test procedure, Drori explains that the dynamometer at the test lab was incorrectly calibrated. After a retest, the official range is 221 miles but real world numbers range from 165 miles in aggressive highway running to 267 miles in lower speed urban commuting.
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[Source: Tesla Motors]

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