It's official: MINE'S develops first parts for Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R has only been on sale in Japan for a scant three weeks, but one of the preeminent tuners across the Pacific has already released its first batch of performance parts for Nissan's new supercar.

MINE'S has seemingly had a GT-R since the day it went on the market (likely before) and has already developed a new exhaust, catalytic converter, plus front and rear rotors for the R35. The VX Pro Titan II exhaust pictured above looks like it was cobbled together quickly, likely for the Tokyo Auto Salon in a few weeks, but the welds and blue-anodized tips show a nice attention to detail. While it doesn't get rid of the dual exhaust setup that several tuners have voiced complaints over, it may provide a better flow rate over the stock unit.

The 400mm slotted rotors (available with 16 or 24 slits) on the right are certainly pretty, but the prototype suspension behind them is even more interesting. According to the gents at GT Channel, MINE'S will be releasing a new air filter setup and an ECU upgrade, dubbed VX-ROM. They've made quick work of the GT-R, but no prices have been disclosed and there's no timeline as to when these products will be made available both here and abroad.

[Source: GT Channel]

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