Birds not the only beneficiaries from switch to biodiesel in Rhode Island

Save $3,000 a year using biodiesel? That's attractive, but not the only benefit for a bird sanctuary in Rhode Island. By switching to the biofuel to heat two buildings and to power a tractor, the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown not only saved money last year but also, according to Robert Cardeiro, executive director of the Sanctuary, found a "natural fit."
"It was so easy and such a good thing for us to do that it made perfect sense for us to use biodiesel," Cardeiro told the Newport Daily News. "Why wouldn't we?"

The benefits go beyond the environment. Newport Biodiesel, a local producer that was looking for more space, gets to use some land at the Sanctuary to produce the biofuel (made from "recycled cooking grease collected from Aquidneck Island restaurants") in exchange for giving some of it to the Sanctuary. Talk about a win-win. Or is that a win-win-win?

[Source: Christine McCall / Newport Daily News]

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