Spy VIDEO: Car catches Noble's new M15 track testing

Car magazine's Ben Barry had a close encounter of the Noble kind while spending some time at a circuit in the UK, and was smart enough to hit the record button on his video camera to catch the M15 prototype undergoing testing.

According to one of our favorite Brit buff-books, the new model will be motivated by a twin-turbocharged, Volvo-sourced V8 that's currently making 480 hp with plans to add an additional 150 hp once it comes to market, possibly late next year. The new body is considerably more curvaceous than its predecessor; particularly the sloped back end proving that Noble's designers have more than a straight-rule to work with. The new rump benefits from separate wing, versus the M12's integrated aerofoil, along with LED brake lamps and some additional ducting.

As for technical details, Car was able to confirm that AP will be providing the brakes and clutch, and that 20-inch wheels are likely to be fitted to all four corners. Weight should be around 2,400 pounds and with the additional power, 0-60 times should be deep into the 3s.

Barry was tracking his race-prepped M3 while the Noble M15 was testing, so he was able to play a little bit of "cat and mouse" with the mule. He didn't fare to bad in the corners, but once the road opened up, his inline-six didn't stand much of a chance. Exercise your finger to check the video.

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