Yamaha drops a 3,000-pound hint on the next V-Max

We really do love us some V-Max, despite the fact that the bike is well past its prime in this day and age of remaking a motorcycle every two years or so. Just because the bike is older than some of our readers doesn't diminish the fact that the V-Max packs a heavy dose of power. It's never easy to remake an icon, so Yamaha is certainly dragging its feet taking its time when it comes to releasing the new Max. The world has seen some hints about what the new bike will look like, but this one is certainly the biggest to date. Weighing a ton and a half, this block of aluminum-plus-V-Max shows how far along in the design process the tuning-fork-company has gotten. According to our source article, the fact that the rear tire is worn might mean that they are testing mules using the new architecture and, most importantly, the new engine. Of course, the heart of Mr. Max has always been the V-Four engine, and we expect that it will continue that way. Still no word on just how powerful the new bike will be, but we would be disappointed if it weren't the fastest thing on two-wheels down the good 'ol 1320.

[Source: Cycle World]

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