Presentation is Everything: gift-wrapping a car

You would think that giving someone a new car would be enough of a surprise for the holidays, but there's always someone looking to go the extra mile and, literally, wrap it up with a ribbon on top. We'd suggest raiding Toyota's warehouse of big red bows, or putting the keys in a box and wrapping that might be a perfectly reasonable approach. But if you're looking for the full gift-giving treatment, and live in the UK, Creative FX could provide the service you're looking for.

The company usually deals with promotional signage for cars, but this holiday season it went into the gift-wrapping business for a local Hyundai dealership. It took some 54 meters of wrapping paper, but workers managed to gift-wrap an entire Santa Fe, leaving only the tires, grille badge and front license plate frame exposed for effect. The service would cost between £400 and £500, but the Hyundai dealer pointed out that he'd be glad to throw it in for free on the cost of a new car – or maybe he'd factor it in to the delivery charge.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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