British place 3,000 orders for new Jaguar XF

Ford may finally be ridding itself of the cash bleeding Jaguar brand, but the automaker is doing so just as the XF is about to hit dealers' showrooms. If indications from the UK mean anything, the XF may be the hit for which the leaping cat has long searched. The Brits have placed 3,000 orders for the good-looking sedan, and it seems the S-Type replacement has some momentum on its home turf. Ford chief technical officer Richard Parry-Jones sees a more confident Jaguar, mainly because of early indications that the XF will meet or exceed sales projections, netting a profit for the ailing nameplate.

While it's great news that the XF is racking up orders in the UK, the positive results are still in Jaguar's back yard. If the XF is going to succeed, it will need to sell in the US and elsewhere in Europe. With it's modern sheet metal and elegant interior, the XF has a better chance to succeed than any of the leaping cat's in recent memory. If Jaguar's new sedan approaches the greatness of it's two door sibling XK, then the sky will be the limit.

[Source: Just-Auto - Sub. Req.]

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