Toyota needs big December to reach 200k Tundra sales

Toyota is selling a heap more Tundra trucks this year than it did last year. It's simply not selling enough -- maybe -- to reach its goal of selling 200,000 units this year, the first year the all-new bigger and badder Tundra has been on sale. As of the end of November, the big T had rolled 177,336 Tundras off dealer lots (no mention of whether or not any of those included the old model), which represents a 58.3-percent jump in sales over last year's numbers.

But the segment overall has taken an 8-percent plunge in the tide of recent economic developments, and November Tundra sales were down almost 17-percent from October: 14,988, compared to October's 17,868. For Toyota to reach its goal, it has to move more than 22,000 Tundras in December. This means it has to post a sales increase of more than 50% in a market looking more and more like... a barren tundra. If it's really serious about making that goal, some of you out there should be licking your chops: there's money on the hoods.

Bob Carter, Toyota Division general manager said, "We use incentives tactically to offer reasons to buy Toyotas at certain times of the month." You know the reason, and this is the month. Current model year 2007 Tundras get interest-free financing for five years, while 2008 models will get interest-free financing for three. Come 'n' git it.

[Source: Auto News]

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