Whoops - employee accident brings 33 cent gasoline to Wisconsin town, frenzy ensues

While Americans might be more and more conscious about using less gas, if you start (almost) giving it away, the conserving mentality goes right out the window. Last week, the AP reports, a gas station employee in Wisconsin goofed up before leaving the shop for the night, setting the price of gas to 32.9 cents instead of $3.299. Guess how long it took for someone to discover the cheap gas and then tell all their friends? Not long.

The incident happened in Minocqua, Wisconsin, at Trig's Minocqua Shell. After the station closed at 10, the cheap gas prices kicked in and, since the pumps still accepted credit cards, people quickly spread the word. Before too long, 586 gallons were sold at the cheap price. Once police noticed the crowd at the pumps and called the station manager, the price was corrected. The manager was a little peeved at the customers, many of them regulars, calling them dishonest. I think it just shows once again how eager we are for gas (I'm guilty here, too, don't get me wrong) and how we'll take advantage of just about anyone - friend or foe - to get it cheaply.

[Source: AP]

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