Volkswagen opens sign-up site for Jetta TDI Cup

At the SEMA show in October, Volkswagen announced a new grass-roots racing series based around the new Jetta TDI. VW is organizing the series for amateur drivers between 16-26 years old. For $35,000, drivers get a season of racing in diesel Jettas prepared by Volkswagen with full racing safety equipment and 170 hp versions of the new CleanTDI 2.0L engine. The series is limited to only thirty drivers and qualifying races will be held in March 2008. Any aspiring racers can apply through a special web site that VW has set up. Race winners will earn $1,500 with $100,000 going to the series champion. If the series champ lines up a professional racing gig within six months they will earn an extra $250,000 from VW. Go polish your helmet and sign up now.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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