Not your father's Oldsmobile found on Craigslist

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That the Neff, Autoblog's resident Oldsmobiliac, passed on this is testament to its somewhat troubling nature. Granted, it's not as horrid as that Vette we posted yesterday that looked like it was auditioning for a part in Super Fly, but it's still pretty bad. This 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora was once a pretty nice car, sporting bodywork that remains easy on the eyes even today, and it was notable for having a pretty decent interior in an era when most GM vehicle passengers were held hostage in Fisher-Price-level accommodations. Well, the lucky new owner of this baby will get him or herself a custom osterich (sic) interior, some ill-advised Lambo doors, afterthought/aftermarket rims (natch), and the knowledge that the thing shakes a little at 60 mph. If you're feeling particularly impulsive after a night of entirely too much tequila, $2900 is all that separates you from a healthy dose of ride-pimped regret.

Thanks for the tip, Andy!

[Source: Craigslist]

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