So wrong: C3 Vette defaced, devalued, destroyed

click above image for more pics if you don't have a weak stomach is a website at which you can post pics of supercars, classics and muscle machines that you've spotted driving around town. This C3 Vette falls into none of those categories, but is a spectacle all its own. The owner has made a number of modifications that have, well, absolutely ruined this car. There are the white wall tires, faux port holes on the B-pillars, the fake split windshield, an entirely too complicated center stripe, and those horrific wheels. The cherry on top is a pair of hood ornaments that look like bare breasted ladies with fish heads mounted up near the base of the windshield. There's more, but enumerating them just makes us sad. Look for yourself in the gallery below. And we're pretty sure that Chevy never offered Smurf as a color from the factory. Sigh...


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