eBay Find of the Day: "Fastlane" Future Car

Now here's a Fiero bodykit that's worthwhile. TransFX, a California-based custom car maker responsible for several GM concepts as well as lots and lots of Batman's cars, boats, and planes, built four of these bodies for a Universal Studios project. Designed to be mounted on a stretched Fiero chassis, only a single roadgoing version exists, and the Volo Auto Museum will sell that to you for $65,000. You could spend less than one third that price and pick up this body shell, allowing you to then dream up your own undercarriage. We think it'd be good with a Porsche Boxster plugged in underneath.

What you get for $14,000 is a very cool futuristic bodyshell on casters. The outside might look an awful lot like a car, but climbing underneath tells the whole story. There's nothing to this car, yet. Its just waiting for you to marry your chassis to its bodywork. Then you'll have the task of creating the entire wiring harness, installing all the lights, the interior, and about a quintillion little issues that always crop up with kit cars, which this essentially is. What we want to know is what ever became of the project these props were commissioned for. We also hope that whoever wins the auction at least uses a Fiero GT as a donor. It just wouldn't do to put this car on a 2M4. The Iron Duke is definitely not an engine befitting Batman. Then again, the GT's 2.8 is merely suited to Boy Wonder. Now, a Northstar starts to show promise. Hmm.

Thanks for the tip, Jordan!

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