Dinan gets around to offering ECU upgrade for BMW's 335i

Dinan, renowned tuners of all things from the propeller people, have finally decided to offer an ECU upgrade for owners of BMW's delectable 335i. The reflashed upgrade necessitates the installation of either BMW's or Dinan's oil cooler, but once the Bimmer's brain is reprogrammed, throttle response is sharpened, the top-speed governor is removed and power levels jump to 384 hp at 5,700 rpm and a kidney pummeling 421 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,300 rpm.

While other companies have been at it for a while (ahem, Vishnu), the Dinan crew is able to offer something that other tuners haven't: a warranty that coincides with BMW's own. The cost, however, is steep, coming in at $1,999 for the reflash alone. Piece of mind – and tuning products for BMWs overall – doesn't come cheap, but for those who want to extract the twin-turbo'd inline-six's full potential, this may be one of the best mods to date.

[Source: e90post.com]

Thanks for the tip, Dmat!

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