Delegates at UN Bali Climate Conference take bikes, buses

There is a United Nations climate conference in Bali with 10,000 delegates from 178 countries working on the international agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol. You might think the delegates are getting around in stretch limos before they go to the beach, but it turns out there are green transport options at the conference. Reuters reports there is a bike share program with 200 bikes, 120 shuttle buses carrying everyone around and a car ban. I did spot a Prius in the CNN video of the conference below the fold, though. The CNN announcer in the video also noticed that transporting thousands of delegates from all over the world did not help the climate. Teleconference or e-mail might be a better option next time.
The eleven-day conference is already showing results with promises expected from Australia and even China. America? Not so much. Bush has said America won't sign any international agreements on climate but the U.S. will probably sign an internal pact on ethanol with China days before the UN conference finishes. I am sure the timing of the China-ethanol deal coinciding with the UN news was not planned as a way to distract from the embarrassment of the US being the only industrial nation in the world to reject Kyoto. *cough*

[Source: Reuters]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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