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Spy Shots: Lotus "Supercar", a.k.a. the Esprit replacement

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This spy shot just came in from Brenda Priddy and her horde of photogs. They know it's a Lotus and claim it shows what has been identified internally as "THE Supercar". We do know that Lotus showed off its future product to employees about a month ago, and from that it's been learned that the Jaguar XKR's supercharged V8 producing 420 horsepower will be the engine used in this car. Since we also know the upcoming Esprit replacement is the only Lotus slated to get a V8, well, you do the math...

After inspecting the photo, however, we can't deny that whatever's underneath that sheet must bear a resemblance to the Tesla Roadster. Where the cover wraps tightly around the body revealing some of its shape we can see a fender and rear 3/4 panel that's very similar to the all-electric roadster that's been developed in conjunction with Lotus. The length of this cloaked supercar, however, appears too long and its wheels don't match what we've seen on Tesla Roadsters before. Clearly, though, it's a mid-engine high-performance car of some sort, and we can't wait to find out exactly what.

[Photos: Brenda Priddy & Co.]

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