Top ten most phallic cars courtesy of Motive

We've all thought about it. We've all talked about it. And now, Motive magazine has made a list about it: the cars most likely to remind one of some gender specific nether regions. We're not going to spend too much time discussing the questionable inclusions (Lotus 7?) and omissions (C3 Corvette, especially '74-'82) on this list, because it'll get NSFW in a few sentences. It is enough to say that the topic provides for plenty of ribald associations, and we're pretty sure it's the first time that "Toyota," "James Bond," and "cold-cocked" have appeared in the same paragraph. And while there is plenty of room for discussion, for our money, car #2 is the real champion. "Classic meat-and-two-veg." Ha.

[Source: Motive Mag]

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