Dodge pre-sells 6000 Challengers

Click image for scans of the full presales brochure

Apparently people really want to buy the Dodge Challenger. So much so that 4,300 people put down deposits when Dodge opened ordering on Monday. A total of 6,000 orders have come in since then. If Dodge sticks to its claim of only producing 5,000 Challengers for 2008, then several of those orders will have to wait a year before taking delivery. All of the Challengers ordered will come in the SRT8 variant sporting a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 and a five-speed automatic transmission. Three colors are available - black, silver, and HEMI orange, the latter of which was the color of choice for more than half the orders. Deliveries will start in the Spring of 2008.

While the production version will be officially introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in February, it was also hinted that we will see some real "eye candy" later this week. While we wait for that, Allpar has come through once again, as a forum poster there photographed and uploaded the official dealer presales brochure, which shows us teasers of the production car's grille (bye-bye crosshair), fuel filler cap (awesome), wheel, and exhaust outlet. It's all in the gallery below.

[Source: Chrysler, Allpar]

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