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Hughes to supply telematic systems to Mercedes-Benz North America

As suspected, Hughes Telematics announced today that it would be supplying Mercedes-Benz with a new hardware and software platform that will bring in-car navigation, safety and infotainment to the next level. The press release after the jump doesn't get into a lot of detail about what new features await Benz buyers when the system is implemented in 2009, but with Mercedes' consistent focus to provide its owners with the most high-tech, gee-wiz gadgetry, we're sure it will be suitably impressive. Hughes boasts that the new, open architecture is capable of receiving constant updates, allowing the system to evolve as new applications become available. Hughes has also been tapped to provide Chrysler with a similar system, due out around the same time.

HUGHES Telematics Announces Comprehensive New Technology Partnership With Mercedes-Benz USA

Hughes Telematics will be the standard vehicle telematics partner for future North American Mercedes-Benz luxury cars and SUVs starting in 2009

ATLANTA - December 4, 2007 - HUGHES Telematics, Inc., a pioneer in end-to-end vehicle telematics solutions, has been selected by Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) as the provider of integrated telematics hardware and services for all new North American Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and SUVs starting in November 2009.

In addition, existing Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid customers will be given theoption of switching over to MBUSA's new telematics solution of choice, the HUGHES Telematics platform, starting in November 2009. HUGHES Telematics will work with MBUSA to ensure that Mercedes-Benz customers have an industry-leading service portfolio of the world's most innovative safety, infotainment, convenience, and diagnostic features.

Mercedes-Benz, a pioneer in vehicle telematics, has offered its customers the many safety and security benefits of onboard telematics since 1998.

"We are proud to have been selected as the exclusive telematics services provider by a company like Mercedes-Benz with its world-class product offerings. We share their unique vision of how telematics can and should improve every element of the customer's ownership experience," said Erik Goldman, president, HUGHES Telematics. "MBUSA is poised to augment its safety, security and infotainment offerings with an integrated architecture of hardware and software that will enable MBUSA's customers to enjoy the next generation of in-vehicle telematics services."

HUGHES Telematics' technology, unparalleled resources and innovative services portfolio create an ideal and highly customizable OEM partnership opportunity and the possibility of a vehicle gateway for offering a host of remotely upgradeable services and applications, many of them never before practical.

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