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New system combines features of OnStar and Sync

We're not going out on a limb by saying that the future of in-car technology is connecting all our electronic detritus into a cohesive network. Ford's Sync system has already made that possible on many fronts and GM's OnStar has set a new standard for safety, navigation and communication. Atlanta-based Hughes Telematics is announcing a new system that will fuse both of those systems into a comprehensive whole and selling a subscription service akin to OnStar's arrangement.
The Hughes setup will integrate turn-by-turn navigation, voice commands for phones and iPods, plus provide emergency and roadside assistance. Additionally, it will allow users to purchase certain features – from directions to songs from Sirius – on an ala carte basis, neglecting the need to spend extra cash each month for products you rarely use. The system will also integrate with the vehicle's ECU to allow diagnosis and problem solving that could avoid a trip to the dealer.

Hughes will be releasing all the information about the new system, including the details on it partnership with Chrysler (announced earlier this year) and a major luxury brand, later this week.

[Source: Freep]

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